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York City Guide

Hey everyone, hope you’re all keeping well. So last weekend I took a day trip to York to see the city and visit a few new food spots I had my eye on whilst I was up there. So if you’re thinking of going over for the day and needing some places to go, here are my recommendations!

Brunch - Robinsons Cafe

IG: @robinsonsyork

Chorizo Hash from Robinson's

Started our day here, I did my research and posted I was heading here on my Instagram (go follow me on that btw @cmcg.creative) and I had so many jealous foodies that were messaging me saying how great it was! It did not disappoint either. The only thing to note is that they don’t take bookings and there’s often a queue. We turned up at 10.00 on a Saturday which is peak time, I was told typically it would take 30 minutes to be seated but we managed to get in on 12 minutes. If there are just two then you can grab a window seat and not have to wait for a table. It was also dry which made waiting that bit more bearable! Would have been a lot more of a pain if it was raining.

There’s plenty of seating inside and the interiors are stunning, feels very homely and welcoming. We were near the windows which are best for photography as it is a bit darker the further away from the natural light you go.

Egg Pop, Robinson's

Onto the food, I ordered the Chorizo & Parma Ham Hash which had potatoes, sun-dried tomatoes & poached eggs with sourdough. The reason I go this was because firstly I got recommended this dish by everyone! Secondly, I always find with brunch you order the same thing over and over again. It’s like a checklist composed of eggs, bread and avocado. Hence why I fancied something a bit different than I don’t normally order or can’t get somewhere else. The dish was full of flavour and the best bit was definitely the oil and leftovers at the bottom. Soaking it up with the sourdough was delicious. Also pictured is the Eggs Florentine from the trip, I was told these were super tasty and creamy.

Coffee - Brew & Brownie

Brew & Brownie Sign

IG: @brewandbrownie

IG: @bb.bakeshop

For coffee, we stopped off at Brew & Brownie Bakehouse (also wanted some cake). So there are two spots to note, there’s the bakehouse which is more coffee & cake and then there's another one just up the road which is more suited for brunch (so I’m told). Anyway, another one is super aesthetic and a nice place to go inside. There was a queue outside the brew and brownie whereas we walked straight into the bakeshop, but it also depends if you’re wanting brunch or just a quick sit down.

There are loads of good coffee places in York! I’ll make a list of additional recommendations at the end that I’ve been to for you all.

Cool Photo Locations - Minster, Shambles & Bridge

Then we wandered around the city for a bit taking pictures. There are your typical spots which have cool architecture or are quite scenic like the Minster, Shambles and other spots around the city. Honestly for me I just like wandering around and exploring so I feel this is the best thing to do around York.

Food - Flori Bakery & Spark

IG: @flori.bakery

IG: @sparkyork

IG: @clucking.oinks

Flori - Flori is a bakery just by Robinsons so if you’re in the area you have to stop off here as well! It’s a small bakery but they do amazing handmade pastries and fresh coffee. I had an amazing Pastel De Nata after my brunch, which was the perfect little sweet treat in the morning. These were some of my favourite pictures from the day, super nice lighting inside and the place is super aesthetically pleasing.

Freshly baked goods from Flori Bakery

Spark - If you know me you know how much I love a food hall and this is one of the best I’ve been to. It’s got such a buzz and good atmosphere, I’ve only ever been in winter but I can imagine in summer when they open the roof it’ll be such a good spot! It’s also home to my favourite fried chicken place - Clucking Oinks. Honestly get their halloumi fries and Rodeo Burger are amazing!!! But honestly, anything on the menu is absolutely to die for.

Spark York Balcony View

Clucking Oinks Rodeo Burger

Other recommendations:

Was such a good day with lots of food and pretty pictures. These are also some other places I didn’t manage to get to but that I've been recommended by. These are:

Fossgate Social (Coffee)

Spring Espresso (Coffee)

Kerp (Food)

Doe Bakehouse (Food)

Sloppy’s Burgers (Food)

Dough Eyed Pizza (Food)

Pavement Vaults (Drinks/Food)

Sotano (Drinks/Food)

Evil Eye (Drinks)

There you go, hopefully, there are lots of suggestions there to keep you busy! Got so many food plans currently so make sure you're subscribed to the blog & following me on Instagram! (@cmcg.creative)



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