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London Coffee Guide

If you know me you know how much I love coffee during all hours of the day, so I made sure I researched and then tested some of London’s best coffee shops. So, take note. Here’s your caffeine fix.

Grind - Borough Market


Soft Serve at Rosslyn

My favourite from the entire trip, but oh man was it busy. It was around lunchtime we went and there were queues out the door for lunchtime workers wanting their caffeine fix. I recommend getting the soft serve, it was super hot whilst we were down and it was the perfect thing to have in the heat. Nice and cool and refreshing 10/10.

Redemption Roasters

Redemption Roasters

We took a wander around Coal Drops Yard by Kings Cross Station and headed to this place for a coffee. The staff were super friendly and made a stunning coffee. Went for an iced latte, it was extremely warm so a lot of iced coffees were consumed.


I think the nicest interiors from the whole coffee recommendations, I love a good neon sign. And the best thing about Grind is there are multiple sites across London so you’re never too far away from a really good coffee. I visited Liverpool Street and the one by Borough Market. The pastry was a bit poor though, probably been left out on the counter the whole day as it was late afternoon when we got to the Liverpool one so I wouldn’t recommend that.

Grind - Leicester Square


There’s my coffee guide to London, to be honest, most cafes serve excellent coffee. The one I had with my brunch at The Good Egg was extremely good also. Don’t go to a Costa or Starbucks, do your research and get a decent coffee.

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