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Lisbon City Guide

Lisbon's famous trams

A city guide for photographers, foodies and coffee addicts. Pretty sure that cover’s most of the population, which is good for me! I had such a lovely time having a bit of a break and doing what I love most, exploring and taking pictures. It’s important when you do a hobby for work that you have those moments where it’s purely a hobby again. It’s a strange one because the content I’ve taken I’m using for work but at the same time it was so refreshing just to go and shoot what I want and hot have the pressure of photoshoots.

Lisbon was such a beautiful city and honestly, I think one of my new favourites, hasn’t knocked London off the top spot though. However, it’s got such a variety to the city and I think something I noticed was how safe it was. Walking around with very expensive gear often brings a lot of anxiety but I can say it was a lilllll bit less than normal, something to note especially if you’re on a solo trip. The buildings are beautiful and you can get some really good street photography shots and the fooooood was some of the best I’ve ever eaten. Anyway enough rambling on with the recommendations.


A Cevicheria

1. A Cevicheria

IG: @acevicheria_chefkiko

A seafood restaurant that’s absolutely to die for. I recommend the tasting board and then we also added the Taco’s onto it which was the perfect amount for two. There are a few seats inside plus the chef's table which we didn’t manage to get but did look super cool.

This is what I had:

”Puro" Ceviche - Croaker, Mashe Sweet Potato, Onion and Wakame Seaweed

Tuna and Foie Gras Ceviche - Tuna, Foie Gras, Beetroot, Lychee and Hazelnut

Octopus and Quail Egg Causa - Mashed Nero Potato, Octopus, Quail Egg, Red Onion Pickle, Snow Pea and Chicharron

Tuna Tartare and Tobiko Taco - Wheat Tortilla, Tuna, Soy, Sesame, Ginger, Togarashi and Tobiko

Choco Plátano with Aji Amarillo - Chocolate in Textures, Hazelnut Foam and Banana

”Puro" Ceviche - Croaker, Mashe Sweet Potato, Onion and Wakame Seaweed

TimeOut Market

2. TimeOut Market

IG: @timeoutlisboa

I love a good food hall and this makes the cut of my most favourites. There’s so much choice to go for and everything we had was top-notch quality. There’s plenty of seating and the interiors are bang on.

This is what I had:

IG: @groundburger Baconcheese & Onion rings

IG: @confrarialx gyoza & sashimi

IG: @crushdoughnuts Crème Brûlée

3. Prado

Prado Restaurant

IG: @prado_restaurante

Went here for dinner one evening, had some beautiful small dishes every one was just outstanding. The place itself is very Scandinavian and has a very relaxed atmosphere.

4. Praia no Parque

IG: @praianoparque

Another fancy restaurant in the evening. I went for the steak which was amazing and the place has such a cool atmosphere.

5. The Mill

IG: @themillpt

I have already covered this place in the coffee post however the quality of the brunch means it deserves its spot in the food section as well. The food was so light and easy to eat, perfect for the morning start.

Praça do Comércio


I’ve done a specific blog section for coffee (because you all know how much I love the stuff), so if you want coffee recommendations head to that blog post:


Where we stayed

We stayed in a place called ‘The Lisboans Apartments’. It’s super easy to walk to most places around Lisbon and the location was bang in the centre of all the places I wanted to go to. The apartment itself had loads of space and most importantly when it’s 30-degree heat, air con in every room.

Streets of Lisbon


Really recommend a trip over to Lisbon, there’s so much variety in things to do and places to see. It’s got a nice mix between old & traditional and more modern areas. One thing that blew me away was the food, honestly some of the best things I’ve ever eaten especially the seafood.

That’s it for today, if any of you take a trip over be sure to send me all the pretty pictures



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