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Invited up to York for Burgers


York Train Station

Hey everyone, hope you’re all keeping well, lil bit of a city guide/review this post. I had the opportunity last week to head up to York to try out a few burger places up there. It’s a hard life I know, it also amazes me how I’m not twice the size I am sometimes.

A foodie trip means going along with a fellow burger connoisseur which this time was @lifewithmidds if you’re not already following her go check her out. She’s based in Leeds and shares my love of gigs, cute cafes and vinyl. Doesn’t like coffee though but we’ll let that one slide.

First up on the radar was Clucking Oinks based in Spark

IG: @clucking.oinks

York. Spark is a food hall based just on the outskirts of the centre and hosts a variety of food vendors. If you’ve read my previous blog posts you know how much of a sucker I am for a food hall. And damn, this makes the cut. Beautiful interiors, with plenty of seating and from what I saw all the food looks amazing. Will have to go back to try more than one vendor before it gets the full seal of approval.

So Clucking Oinks is the fried chicken stall, and I’ve seen so many foodies rave about this place. I went for the Rodeo Burger, Ellie got the Bombay Burger and then we went for a mix of sides which included: halloumi fries (obviously), fried chicken, cheesy chips and Bombay loaded fries.

I’m in a real chicken burger kinda phase at the moment and this honestly was the best I’ve had. The chicken was so moist and the burger was packed full of flavour and sauce, real finger-licking stuff (see picture for evidence). What I loved most was that I didn’t feel dirty or overwhelmed by it, which is what I want from a burger. I want to be able to taste the flavours and not just have a handful of grease or just being able to taste the sauce.

Sides wise my favourites were the halloumi fries and the fried chicken. I’m not the biggest loaded fries person, often I get them and they just end up being too much for the meal.

Spark had put the roof up for the autumn/winter months so if you’re taking pictures try to get a table near the outside area so you get as much natural light as possible. Or do what I did for a few of the pics and play into the underexposed moody shot. Would love to go again during the summer where everything is exposed. At this point, I’m just making up reasons why I need to go again.

After that, we wandered around the centre and popped into Fossgate Social for a coffee, one of my favourite relaxing spots in York. A break was needed after the quantity of food eaten.

IG: @sloppysburgers

The final location was Sloppy’s which operates out of a pub outside of York centre. We went for the Dirty Northerner, had to be done really. A juicy burger is an understatement, and the sides were piled sky-high which we love to see. Fair to say I was in food coma mode when I got home and straight away made myself a cup of peppermint tea.

I’ve got loads of recommendations for the city, so a city guide is incoming I just need to drag someone along so I can go get pretty pictures of all the other places I like.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


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