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Halifax, West Yorkshire Travel Guide

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Well, where best to start than my hometown, Halifax (UK not that one in Canada, sorry Canada). Starting the first proper blog with my hometown, it's a bit of a plug this one.

I’ve lived there my entire life however I would say that it’s only been in the past few years it’s been somewhere I’ve wanted to go. I was much more of a fan of going to Leeds or Manchester as for me there were more businesses and places I wanted to go to. I remember the days if you wanted to go to Halifax your option for coffee was pretty much Costa (sorry Costa but you’re the last resort for me, well you do better than Starbucks and the rest of the chains). If there’s not a decent place to get coffee then I’m not going too often. However things changed when the Piece Hall got a refurb which brought more traffic to Halifax and new businesses started to appear around the town centre.

Anyway, the reason why hopefully you’re here. Recommendations. For this I’m strictly keeping it town centre.


Instagram: @loafersvinyl

Vinyl, Coffee & Alcohol. What’s not to love. I’ve been collecting vinyl for years and it’s great to have somewhere to sit and chill with a coffee and have a browse. If you’re a fellow vinyl lover they do Record Store Day as well which is an added bonus. Besides the vinyl, it’s a really nice place to chill and really friendly staff.

It's on the bottom level of the piece hall (which I'll talk about later in the blog, so keep reading) by the East Gate. When it's normally a flat white or I have a look what coffee beans they've got in and have a V60. In terms of photography, best images are inside the shop with it's interiors and vinyls making a few interesting shots.


Instagram: @c.r.e.a.m_uk

If you’re in Halifax town in my opinion this is the place for Brunch (Halloumi drop or the breakfast sandwich being my personal favourite). There’s ample seating as well which is always a bonus for me, especially in Halifax. Brunch aside the coffee is also one of the best in the area, I’m often stopping off when I’m in town just to get my usual flat white. I’m a regular let's just say.

If you're wanting ideas for images, utilise the artwork they've got. It's all from local artists and the walls offer something different backdrop for your images. But you also can't go wrong with a cheeky flat lay of the food and let those poached eggs do the talking. I've done a photoshoot for C.R.E.A.M so if you're wanting more images be sure to go check out my Instagram.


Instagram: @jamochacoffeelounge

Another place I love to be inside, for me if there’s a place that I’ve got time to stop off somewhere I pick Jamocha. The interiors are very much my kinda style and when you accompany that with good coffee and amazingggg treats. It’s a nice little combo.

For the best location for images, go upstairs and grab the round table underneath the cherry blossom. It's next to the window so you get loads of natural light and the area looks amazing with the marble top & sofa as well. It's also super comfy also very handy. Not as much space as other places so you'll have to time your visit well!

Piece Hall

Instagram: @thepiecehall

Since its refurb, it’s brought in new businesses and people to Halifax. If you go up to the top layer you can get a good view of the inside of the Piece Hall and use the stone pillars to get that Instagram shot. If there’s a group of you it’s a great place to head to as there’s so much variety. I've mentioned Loafers already but there are so many independents to visit whether it be food, coffee, drinks, gifts, homeware etc.

Disco Kitchen

Instagram: @disco_kitchen_uk

There’s a large group of you, one person wants a burger, another pizza the other wants a salad. Well for me that’s why places like Disco Kitchen exist, to accommodate your picky friends. Something that has been missing from Halifax for a while, somewhere in the town centre you can just go and pick something up for lunch or dinner. But it’s damn good food and not from your usual fast-food chains. Independents>Everything else.


Instagram: @temperance_halifax

Another favourite of mine is to just go sit, chill and enjoy a good cuppa. This place is that good I don’t order coffee when I’m there, it’s madness I know. Beautiful decor inside with comfy seats I feel it has a real wholesome and family appeal to it. Accompany that with a wide range of teas and baked goods you’re onto a winner. Utilise the large windows for any images. Great natural light + aesthetic interiors = top tier Instagram post. It's located just outside of Borough Market


Well there you go, hopefully I've inspired you all to get your cameras or phones out and to explore a few local independents. If you head over to any of these places be sure to drop me a message and let me know what you think! I'll be checking the images (and quietly judging...no pressure hahaha)

Hope everyone has a good day!



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