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Food Halls, My Guide

Food Halls are basically a venue with lots of different food stalls located inside and then seating in the middle for everyone to go use. Instead of having one kitchen each stall cooks from there, exactly like street food.

It’s one of my favourite things to go, mainly because it gives you so much more choice! I feel you don’t have to choose a place with in the mood for pasta or for pizza or for sushi etc. You can just go to a place have a wander around all the stalls and see what you feel like when you’re there. Not what you might be in the mood for a few days before. And it’s so much more accommodating for everyone, everyone can get something different and what they feel like, it satisfies the pickiest of eaters. Now I’ve talked about why they’re amazing, here’s my favourite few round the local area.

Mackie Mayor, Manchester

Mackie Mayor, Manchester

IG: @mackiemayor

If you know you just know how good this place is. It’s large open space feels welcoming and it’s got such a great atmosphere to it. Did I say it’s beautiful inside as well, large windows to let ample natural light in, rustic brickwork and each stall is beautifully designed. In terms of aesthetics this is my favourite place, it’s just so beautiful and if you go onto the upper level you can look over the the whole place and get some really good pictures. It’s located in Ancoats so if you wanted to pop into the Northern Quarter afterwards it’s just a short walk. Manchester is one of my favourite cities to go to, and 9/10 times if I’m going, I’m heading to Mackie Mayor (London’s top but it’s just a bit too far…just).

Pork Belly Bao Bun from New Wave Ramen

Personal favourite is the pizza, steak and bao buns. I’ve also heard good things about the fried chicken burger. I’ve heard good things about it all actually.

Currently you can get:

🥩 @tendercow

🌮 @eatpicos 🍕 @honestcrustsourdoughpizza

🍜 @new_wave_ramen

🍗 @mummasfriedchicken

🍛 @chillib_thai

🍺 @jackinthebox_m4

🍷 @reserveatmackie

☕️ @atkinsonsatmackie

Cutlery Works, Sheffield

Cutlery Works, Sheffield Edo Sushi on the Second Floor

IG: @cutleryworks

Went to the launch of this place, and I keep go

ing back. Sheffield isn’t the easiest city for me to get to Leeds & Manchester are my go to. So if I’m saying when I go to Sheffield I go here for food, you know it’s good. It’s got two packed floors of street food vendors and ample seating. If you’re wanting variety this is the place. It’s located just out of the city centre but it’s the kind of place you can organise something to go specifically there. It’s not just a passing by ‘oh we’ll go there then’ like its that good and has that much attraction you can plan your day around Cutlery Works. If that makes sense.

They change street food vendors so previously when I’ve been I’ve had Greek and street food that specialised in loaded fries. It looks like they’re not there currently however, one that has been there throughout has been Edo Sushi. If you know me you know how much I love sushi & sashimi (sashimi mostly), it all just melts in your mouth. So if you go I’d really recommend that place, I know you’re not always in the mood and sometimes just want a dirty burger, all I’m saying is if you’re in the mood, head to Edo.

Currently you can get:

🍕 @littledoughpizza

🍺 @boozehound.sheffield

☕️ @foundrycoffeeatcutleryworks

🍲 @konjokitchen

🍔 @finandbone_sheffield

🍛 @ma_ba_sheffield

🥪 @raddudefood

🍫 @officalbullion

🍣 @edosushiuk

Cultery Works, Sheffield Bottom Floor

Society, Manchester

IG: @society.mcr

A newcomer has entered the arena, this time representing south Manchester (Barbirolli Square to be precise). Only been the once (so far) and I’m sure I’ll be paying a visit again. They’ve got a few vendors that I’ve had previously in other locations so I know this will be good. Alsooooo imma bit biased as I’ve done work for Manzoku (one of the vendors there) but I wouldn’t be putting it on the list if I didn’t think it was any good. I love the interiors as well, with the black walls, wooden boards and copper details. Very much my kinda style.

Society Manchester Entrance

It’s in a beautiful setting with seating outside, something which the others don’t offer. So if it’s a beautiful day get yourself down here and enjoy being outside in the nice weather. With good food and drink what’s not to love.

Currently you can get:

🍕 @dokespizzeria

🍺 @vocationandcomanchester

🍔 @slapandpickles

🍛 @chaatcart_food

🍣 @manzokustreetfood

🥘 @yokisocialtable

Assembly Underground, Leeds

IG: @assemblyunderground

Final on the list, gotta know about this gem other wise you could miss it! It’s located by Millennium square so ping the location into your maps then follow the sign underground and voila. It’s not the best place for pictures due to well it being underground and going for that dark moody feel. So personally what I’d do is make use of any super bright artificial lights or go black and white mode (increase the contrast to make it super duper moody).

If you’re here, the burgers from Slap and pickles are a firm favourite or the pizza from Pizza Authority. Also lil secret is Falafel guys have a street food van that you’ll normally see around the centre so if you’re in a rush and need a quick lunch this is your spot.

Currently you can get:

🍕 @thepizza_authority

🍺 @vocationandcoleeds

🍔 @slapandpickles

🥪 @breadbutterbbq

🧆 @falafelguysuk


There’s my top list, if you head to any of them do let me know what you think! And tag us in any top tier photography work on Instagram.

Hope everyone has a good day. Happy Bank Holiday Monday!



IG: @cmcg.creative

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