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Coffee Guide to Lisbon

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or read a few of my blog posts you knowwwwww how much I love a cool lil coffee spot. Aesthetic interiors, sweet nectar of coffee and a place to sit and chill (often needed when walking for miles around a city). I’m the kind of person who loves to do a bit of research before I go away on holiday, as a photographer as well it also helps to see what the places look like and where the best photo spots are.

Lisbon did not disappoint that’s for sure, definitely went over the recommended caffeine limit oops. Something to note is some cafes have a no laptop policy and some have designated laptop zones. This is because they’re so busy they don’t want people just sitting and not letting new customers in as they’re not overly large spaces and need the influx of customers. These are my recommendations and a few pretty pictures as well:

Iced Latte from Hello Kristof

Copenhagen Coffee Interiors

1. Copenhagen coffee

If you want a coffee treasure map then this is a good place to start, they’ve got seven dotted around the city so you’re often not far from a top tier place for coffee. Because a bit of a challenge by the end of the holiday to tick everyone off. I’d say to do all of them in 3 days plus all the other places were pretty good going. Something which I love about them all is each and everyone is different, it’s not just a repeat of the same coffee shop across different locations. It’s like every single one is going to a different place.

2. Hello Kristof

Hello Kristof

One of the most aesthetic spots in my opinion and has a lot calmer vibe than the other locations. There’s not a load of seating so you have to time it right if you want to sit and have a bit of a break.

3. Combo

Another super aesthetic spot and plenty of seats, also does mean it’s often more of a go-to place for tourists and the locals. Another bonus is that due to its size there’s a designated laptop area at the back if you need to sit and work for a bit. I had a super refreshing iced latte, which was needed when you’ve been walking around a 25-degree heat city all day. Also noticed a lot of fresh fruit so think they’ve got some fresh juice and smoothies if you’re wanting an alternative. No idea if that’s right maybe you’ll have to go find out for yourself and let me know.

4. The Mill

The Mill

This is the spot we went to for brunch, so kinda half food half coffee post. Food-wise I went for the Mill’s Rosti which is potato rosti’s, smoked salmon, tzatziki and a poached egg. Kinda perfect for the start of the day because it was super light and not heavy and tasted superb. Pair that with a flat white and it’s a winning combo. This is another place that has a no laptop zone due to its size. Another thing that amazed me was the influx of people in this place, it was like playing musical chairs. Honestly, as soon as one person got up and left there was someone immediately taking their place but there was no queue outside. Magic I know.

Notable mention to dear breakfast didn’t manage to try this place as it has a massive queue outside and we were on a time limit. However, I’ve heard many good things.

There we go, coffee enthusiasts hope you’re all satisfied. There’s plenty of recommendations for you to have a go at. If you ever go to any of these or have any other recommendations for me drop me a message on Insta @cmcg.creative

Enjoy the rest of your day! City guide and other blogs for Portugal to come shortly. Remember to drop the blog a like and a cheeky subscribe whilst you're here.


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