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An Introduction To The Blog

The first post, here we go.

First of all, thought I’d introduce myself, I’m Cameron and I’m a photographer from West Yorkshire. You’ll always find me with my camera in my hand (Sony A7R III for those photography nerds out there), whether it be for work or doing a bit of travelling around. This is why I thought it be a good idea to get a blog going.

I’m often researching and exploring new places to go for food, drinks, nice pictures but most importantly find the best places for coffee. That’s why I thought it be a good idea to impart my wisdom on highly Insta worthy locations for you all, whether you’re an iPhone quick snapper or a photographer looking for new locations for shoots.

This is my space to document all of that and show a bit of my photography work along the way for you all.

What else can you expect from this blog?

Well, these are my current ideas:

  • Travel stories (I’ve got a few of those cinematic, travel videos on my YouTube as well so expect a few of them sprinkled out along the way)

  • City guides (food, drink, picture locations what else could you want)

  • Reviews (not a self-proclaimed foodie but I’ll tell you the prettiest looking dishes and ones that taste pretty good)

  • Photography geeky talk (it’s a passion I could always go on about, I’m often the one people come to for gear advice)

  • Business advice (after 9 months of starting this up I’ve got so many pieces of advice, it’s been a learning curve for sure)

If there’s something you want me to cover or get my opinion on, drop me a message on Instagram:

Business: https://www.instagram.com/cmcg.creative/ (@cmcg.creative)

Personal: https://www.instagram.com/cammcgarvey/ @cammcgarvey)

For regular updates when I post this post drop your email on the blog homepage and hit the button.

First blog post, completed it mate.


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