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A Day(ish) in Edinburgh during COVID

Bit of a throwback for this post, so I’ve got family living up in Scotland and with lockdown and everything that’s been going on it’s been a while since I was able to see them. The plan then was to drive up and see everyone once restrictions had lifted which also presented the perfect opportunity to stop off at Edinburgh on the way up. I’d only been to Edinburgh once when I was about 8 (honestly I have no clue what age I’ve just plucked that number out of thin air). So I wasn’t the coffee-loving, photography genius & highly cultured person I am now.

It’s worth noting that it was a relatively last minute trip due to the lockdown situations and restrictions. It was hard to book the places I wanted to go to because it could turn out the situation could change. Also with it being Scotland during that time they had a 10 pm curfew so not as many bar reviews that I would have liked. Anyway on with the recommendations.


Soderberg (and food) - Head to the main one at the Pavilion, and you have to have some pastries with your coffee. Trust me on that one, it was the best thing I ate on the trip.

Lowdown Coffee - Not observant enough and you’ll miss it, so make sure you’ve put it in your maps. You go down some steps to get to the entrance and inside you’ll find a super aesthetic lil cafe. There’s not loads of seating but the perfect place to grab a cup to go. Super enjoyed the brownies as well.

Soderberg Pavillion

To See:

Greenhouse at Botanical Gardens

Edinburgh Castle - Standard tourist thing to do, this time around I didn’t go inside I just stayed around the outskirts and took pretty pictures.

Calton Hill - So if you’re strapped for time (like I was), you can’t do Arthurs Seat then this is the next best thing to get a stunning view of the city. A highlight of the trip and worth the little trek to get to it.

Royal Botanical Gardens - Standard for myself to do wherever I go, however sadly the greenhouse was closed because of COVID. Hey ho.

Also make sure you take a trip to Dean Village & Circle Lane

Dean Village


Scran Brunch & Cocktails (North Bridge entry) - So when we went we forgot about the 10 pm curfew due to lockdown. After our meal, we only really had the chance to head to one place, and I’m super happy this is the place I picked. Awesome decor, sadly because I was drinking I didn’t bring my camera out so no pretty pictures. But the place is awesome and the cocktails are amazing, make sure you get the cocktail bar and not the cafe.


Edinburgh Larder - Brunch spot, it’s highly recommended and was just around the corner from the hotel, added bonus. Poached egg and salmon heaven, with a flat white.

The outsider - Really good lunch spot if you’re wanting to sit in somewhere. We’d done a lot of walking and normally I want to just pick some street food up and keep going. But I wanted to sit down, rest and have a really good bowl of pasta and damn I got this here. Also, a really good street view if you get a seat next to the window.

There are loads of places we went to that I didn’t manage to see so I’ll list a few of them at the bottom. I’ve either heard extremely good things or it got super pretty pictures.

That's the blog for today, hope you enjoyed it!




The Milkman

Fortitude Coffee

Roman rumours Coffee

To See:

National Gallery

Arthur’s Seat


Bramble Bar & Lounge

Lucky Liquor

Panda & Sons


Dough pizza


Chop House

Urban Angel






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