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2022 Vision Board

2022 is hereeeee, and as per for me this is my Vision Board for the year.

For people who don’t know what a vision board is, it’s an idea I got from James Smith and the idea is to have a visual reminder of your goals for the year. So that every time you see those goals you’re reminded even subconsciously to work towards them. Therefore making it easier to reach those goals.

These are my goals for 2022:

1. 2000 followers on Instagram - Think context is important with this one, for me chasing followers isn’t something that should be a goal, but hear me out. For me, social media is a way to connect and get your content in front of people. This year I started my own business and I’ve also had the privilege to interact with some amazing people. So an increase in followers will help me from a business standpoint, help connect with more amazing people on this platform and it’s nice to get my content out there to more people.

I also want to hit 500 on Tik Tok and I’ve recently started on Pinterest so I want to hit 10k monthly viewers on there.

2. House - I’m not attaching any deadlines to this, it’s just something I want to work towards.

3. £££ in a month - Had a financial goal last year so this year it’s gone up so I can work towards goal number 2. And also continue to establish my business and support myself with something I truly love to do.

4. 10% increase in my big lifts - If you know me, you know how much I enjoy the gym and my fitness. So I want to increase my bench, deadlifts and squats to the following:

110kg Bench 6 reps

192kg Deadlift 1 rep

164kg Squat 6 reps

5. Under 25mins for a 5km - Running has been something I’ve always struggled with, it’s so damn boring. Also where I live is full of hills so it’s so damn off-putting.

6. Explore new places - 2021 was the year of my business to focus on that, this year I want to take more time to myself and do what I love more.

Those are what I’ve got planned for the year. If you’ve got goals of your own go out there and smash them.

Happy New Year Everyone!


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